• Faith in Mind

    The true virtues of Buddhism are the foundation of our faith-based development approach. We have been able to improve the lives of many people to the better through the loving kindness, compassion, sympathy, equanimity and the commitment of both our supporters and our staff. Read more

  • Taking Care

    Our aim is to assist the people living with HIV/AIDS, orphaned and vulnerable children and the poorest of the poor, so they can live in dignity and freedom.

  • Turning the 'Killing Fields' into Fields of Hope

    Visit the WatThmey Pagoda in Siem Reap to learn how SCC develops a centre for information, education and communication on a site that reveals the brutal history of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Read more

  • For today and in the future

    A large number of oprhaned and vulnerable children has resulted from the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Cambodia. We protect the children and offer them a brighter perspective through our basic education program.

What we do

Our goal ist to make a significant contribution to HIV prevention and AIDS care and to improve the living conditions of those who face social exclusion and discrimination.

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what you can do

Even with small donations, you can help to meet basic needs of families who live in very poor conditions or support them to start their own businesses. 

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Why we are special

SCC is a faith-based organization and works closely together with buddhist monks and nuns who hold a great deal of influence in Cambodian society.

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